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Apparel business Ideas!

Have you wondered of stepping into the garment business? Well, though we have many businessmen in the same industry, not all of them have found success and not all of them have flourished till the 5th anniversary. The textile and fashion industry is most volatile, simply because of the number of competitors in the field. A fashion statement that is trendy today becomes outdated over next few months. Another reason for the failure is because, the fashion designer knows only the technical part, while the management part of the business is not properly known and hence leads to failure.

In reality, the demand for talented people and apparels are high, but the supply is less and not up to the mark. The subcategories are in numerous like the kids wear, women’s wear, men’s wear, infant apparel, and few more subtypes like the western wear, ethnic wear, specific locations local wear and so on. With the right talent and knowledge, this business can definitely be fruitful to any of the aspiring candidates. Below are few of the other businesses in the same garment line, which is equally beneficial.


Boutique refers to unique and customised stylish apparels. This is one of the largest businesses in the garment industry. It’s a speciality shop, which targets a niche market and is one of the most profitable opportunities if you are looking for some investment ventures. If you are a professional designer and have some knowledge of management and finances, then this one is for you!

Children/Kids designer wear:

The second most competitive and thriving business is this, customised children designer wear. Many readymade dresses sometimes lack the quality fabric or the quality of the design wouldn’t be great and as comfortable as custom done. So, many parents these days prefer to have customised dresses and apparels for their children. If you have good knowledge about choosing the fabric, and sewing skills along with some fashion sense, then you can survive here.


Alteration stores

Today, most of the people need alteration than stitching and this business is a low investment business that can reap you huge benefits if done properly. For this, the talent required is simple, basic stitching skill and a little bit of creativity. This is one of the most flexible businesses as well, you can work part-time here, or in your free time alone. But, if you make this as a front business, then this can surely give you great returns.

Rental Apparel business:

Who wants to buy a costume, which will be used for a single day or even for a few hours alone? We all would only rent them. Even few costumes for occasions in children schools can be found here, which are definitely not going to be used forever. So, this business thrives extremely well, until the occasion exists.

Customised buckles:

Many companies these days create belts customised for their team members and staff. If you have knowledge on the subject and know how to do, then you can do this too! Few basic machines and some fashion knowledge can guide you through initially; later on, you can transform your business, in the way you love to see it.

Complete garment manufacturing:

Have you seen the apparels completely? Do you know how many phases it crosses, before it becomes a complete garment that can be worn? Well,look up those amazing tees! They are absolutely simple and classic pieces for any occasion! But do you know how many phases and how many people from different walks of life are involved here to create that simple piece? Well, manufacturing of garments needs one to know the process technology and a basic understanding of the textile industry. With more and more style statements coming across, people are becoming more cautious about their outfit, and hence it’s necessary to be updated. A fashion designer, engineer, professional tailor, fabric specialist, design analyst, and a procurement team is essential for a simple tee business. Then imagine about the whole lot of garments, and its complex structure.